Hello and welcome to History Zing!

My name is Joshua Gilbert, but I write under the names of J. Gilbert, J.R. Gilbert, and Shogun 144 and variations thereof. I hope you enjoy what you find here and God Bless!

This website is meant to be a showcase for my work as an historian. It is my hope this website will prove educational to visitors. You will find articles here covering military and political history. I specialize in China (the Han through Qing dynasties), Japan (Mid-Heian through Meiji), and the Middle East during the Age of the Crusades.  I also like Late Antiquity through the 13th Century in Europe, favoring the British Isles and Byzantium. You can expect to see articles here from outside my specialization on occasion.

If you like what you see on this website and wish to commission an article from me, please feel free to email your request using the following address: article_requests@historyzing.com

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