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  Why I love History

My fascination with history goes back to 1999 and the release of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (followed shortly after by the other Age games, Civilization, and Sierra’s classic city-builders). Those games sparked my interest in history, and I still play AOK to this day. The website Lacus Curtius was another important early influence on my interest in history. I can’t really explain what it is that so fascinated me, but I grew to love learning about the past from any medium I could get my hands on.

When I started home-schooling my Mom recognized my growing passion and let me devote much of my school time to the study of history. I loved any history-based curricula my Mom found, and read the books as much “out-of-school” as I did “in”. Eventually, I had to learn to write articles for school assignments. Public school had made it unenjoyable for me, but my Mom turned that around. At first, I was writing one paragraph then gradually more until it became something I loved to do.

But writing really took off for me after I joined what is now Wildfire Games in 2003 to write history articles for 0 AD. I have been writing ever since, going professional as I became more confident in my skill as a historian and a writer.

I was published in print in Medieval Warfare as part of the centerfold feature in their issue II.1 and published a regular article in issue III.3 and in  Ancient Warfare in their December/January 2009 issue. I also wrote a review for Medieval Warfare in issue IV.5. I have been published on the internet on the China History Forum academic publication Han Lin Journal in February 2011, and the websites Military History, Armchair General, and Samurai Archives. I am self-published through Triond, Hubpages, and other places on the web. I also functioned as Chief Historian for 0 AD from 2008 until my retirement in 2013 and filled a similar position with the commercial title Deus Vult by Illuminated Games from 2010-12.


My articles written for 0 AD are available below as a 7zip file:

Joshua’s 0 AD Archive

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